Marketing Your Home Effectively

Marketing Your Home Effectively

Way before you begin thinking about selling your home, why not spruce it up?  Why not enjoy the fruits of your hard work and the resulting improvements yourself? I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard clients wish they had done improvements for themselves.  Remember, if you need to fund the expenses involved, obtain financing far in advance of putting the house on the market. You will have difficulty obtaining any loan if your home is already listed.

Before you can sell our home you need to attract them in.

How do you do this in a saturated market.

How do you capture the attention of qualified buyers in a saturated market.

You’ll need an effective mkt plan that brings your home to the attention of those qualified buyers.

marketing is a skill that requires years to master.

(Describe skill, tasks of mktg.)

If you get any of these wrong, you could end up sitting on your home for an extended period of time which usually results in an offer well below your expectations.

I have 17 years of experience successfully attracting qualified buyers to my clients’ home resulting in a good sale.

Interview you.

what you like about your home. your timing needs. you dream outcome. answer your question. how was it raising your family there. what did you originally like about it. what improvements did you make.

CMA value of your home.

who is the target buyer? telling your story

Pricing range.

optimal Timing.



communication message to buyer/public and updating you

what piece to use to tell the story

tweak materials to be specific to the property

how do we present your home to appeal to them.

execute the plan

now that I found you let me show the home.




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