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The Big Picture

Greenwich Connecticut


Greenwich, Connecticut has several small communities within its boundaries. Central Greenwich is comprised of the downtown area around Greenwich Avenue, near the main Greenwich MetroNorth train station. I say it’s the main train station because, despite the fact that there are 3 other stops along the line, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich, you can only get a cab home from the first stop in Connecticut. Arrive at one of the other stops and be prepared to drive your car, walk or get a ride home!

The areas within Greenwich are varied. For example, while Belle Haven boasts several waterfront properties with 2014 sales ranging between $5,200,000 and $10,250,000 in 2014, Byram, with its multifamily homes and decidedly smaller lots, saw $696,333 as an average sale price in the same period for its single family homes. Glenville, Chicahominy, Byram, Pemberwick, Mid-country and Back Country with Round Hill and Banksville, Belle Haven, as well as downtown central Greenwich are all considered Greenwich proper but North Mianus, Cos Cob, Old Greenwich, and Riverside are all part of town too.


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