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Owner or Buyer?

Whether you’re looking for your first home or have moved several times, chances are parts of the process of buying or selling can be, shall I say, challenging. Granted, there is so much information out there that is useful, but so much of it can be overwhelming. There are nuances to each location and property to be discovered and customs that may be unique to an area. Frankly, you may even have forgotten or, simply, dread certain aspects of the procedure.


What’s most important to you? Of course you want the best price for your home but what does that experience mean to you?


So, what are your needs? Getting into a home before the school year begins? Being in walking distance to the train station? Having a fenced yard? Water views?


Coming in from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia? Customs may differ dramatically from country to country even from town to town. There are resources to assist you in making the best decision both in a financial and personal sense for your peace of mind.

Looking to purchase outside the USA? Access to a global network of professionals can help you determine where you can find your next pied-à-terre, villa, or hacienda.